Subject to change. Please note that a change of departure time does not automatically mean a change of check-in time.

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General aviation traffic

Stockholm Västerås Airport is open to general aviation traffic. This includes ambulance, training, photo, private, taxi flights among others.

Prior notice (PN) is required for all operations without ATS flight plan in ESOW CTR and Stockholm TMA sector Västerås. For prior notice please call +46 (0)21-80 00 20. Training flights, aerial photographing, survey flights and skydiving are subject to special authorisation from TWR.

For more information, please go to IAIP Sweden at LFVs AROWebexternal link.

The airport is open H24 but when TWR is closed only VFR traffic is permitted. Entry and exit from airside is via Hässlö Flygföreningexternal link at Apron 4. ATS opening hours are published as NOTAM.