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Passengers with a disability or limited mobility

If you have a disability or limited mobility, ask for Special Assistance when you book your flight.  So that we can provide you with the Special Assistance you need, it is important that you advise us of your specific requirements. This does not only apply to the flight itself but also to boarding and disembarking the aircraft and possible flight connections on the way to your final destination.

In order for your journey to be as smooth and troublefree as possible and for us to be able to prepare and provide you with the best service possible, we ask you to indicate whether you:

  1. need special assistance with your luggage
  2. need special assistance with getting to and from the aircraft
  3. need special assistance with boarding or disembarking
  4. require special assistance due to a hearing or visual impairment
  5. have a guide dog
  6. are travelling with a battery driven wheelchair.
    NB! Approved batteries are required.

For more information, please contact the airport or the airline company. Customer Services Desk telephone: +46 (0)21 80 56 00 and e-mail: operations@vasterasairport.se