Two countries for the price of one – Iceland and the USA on the same ticket

Now Swedes who book a flight to the USA with low-cost airline WOW air can stay any number of nights on Iceland before continuing their journey to the USA.


Many Swedes like to be able to customise their holiday in different ways: combining the city with the sun and sea, for example, or two different hotels or even two countries on the same trip. That last combination is now available to everyone flying from Stockholm-Västerås Airport to WOW air’s destinations in the USA at no additional flight cost

WOW air is offering all passengers a stopover on Iceland, either on the outward journey or on the return leg.

“If there’s one thing we want when we go on holiday, it’s to get the best possible value for money. As well as our competitive air fares, we are now also giving our passengers from Sweden the opportunity to have two holidays in one. Los Angeles + Iceland on the same trip. They are very different destinations, a combination full of contrast that’s sure to create memories that will last a lifetime,” says Skúli Mogensen, CEO and owner of WOW air.

“The demand for destinations with a wide range of opportunities for sporting and cultural activities is increasing, while airlines such as WOW air are making combined trips easier. We are particularly pleased to offer a departure airport where you don’t have to walk long distances in the terminal. This makes things much easier for our passengers, especially those with sports equipment,” says Eva Wetterstrand, Director of Marketing at Stockholm-Västerås Airport.

Lots of popular attractions

Enjoy a glacier break, a volcano break, or just a coffee break at one of Reykjavik’s many cafés, or spend a few days experiencing the rugged nature of Iceland. Some of the most popular attractions include the Blue Lagoon and Strokkur in the Golden Circle, which is a geyser that sprays water and steam more than 30 metres straight up in the air from a hole in the ground. Wild waterfalls, glacier walks and a ride on a traditional Icelandic horse are other popular activities. There are many companies that organise riding tours lasting anything from an hour to several days, sometimes combined with bathing in hot springs and other activities.

Maiden flight 19 May

WOW air begins flying from Stockholm-Västerås Airport via Reykjavik to Boston and Washington on 19 May. The route to Los Angeles and San Fransisco via Reykjavik will begin in the second week of June. On all US routes there is a short stopover at Keflavik airport on Iceland, where all passengers with an onward direct flight change to a larger aircraft before continuing their journey across the Atlantic.
Example price: a one-way ticket to Reykjavik costs from SEK 659. Los Angeles costs from SEK 1,749 one way.

Published on: 20/04/2016

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